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Q: What laundries have you worked with (and paid) before?
A: 43 Kwik Washes in Dallas (parent company: CoinMach), Rub A Dub (Dallas), S & J Coin Laundry (Dallas) Wash & Surf (Hermosa Beach), CB's Coin Laundry (Culver City, CA), Blue Ribbon Laundry (Los Angeles), 18 Minute Laundry, Ocean Park Laundromat (Santa Monica, CA) to name a few.

Q: How much have you paid out to laundromats?
By the end of July 2010, it will be over $40,000.

Q: I filled out the form -- how come no campaigns have come my way?
A: Because Laundromedia has no control over what cities campaigns might be in -- that is up to the ad agencies and media agencies to decide. They only reach out to us when they want to advertise in laundromats (and that's when we reach out to you).

Q: You reached out to me about a possible campaign and I never heard anything back.
A: Unfortunately, the agencies do change their agendas and/or shuffle their budgets around. They'll frequently ask us to get info on laundries in a certain city ASAP and then we might never hear back from them about that project, despite following up.

In other cases, they might be planning ahead by almost a year. (We presented to McDonald's agency 14 MONTHS before they approved the budget and locations)

Q: How much money can I make with your service? 
 Each campaign is different -- it can range from $200 - $1000 (and higher for year-long campaigns) per laundromat. Your take will be dependent on the number of machines used/available for advertising, the clients' budget and how long the promotion will run. If you have a chain, the amount could be significant.

Q: How does this work?
A: Once we have your infomation in our database, we will present it to our ad and media agency contacts to see if they want to advertise in your store.

Please do not hestitate to fill out the form -- it is not a contract -- it will be used to contact you if an agency is interested in utilizing your laundromat.

The info requested below is for our database only.

If you have more than one laundry, simply submit info on the first and resubmit the form. If you have over 3 and don't want to keep filling out the form, feel free to call our office and we will take down all your stores' info.

All questions are required.

Number of Stores:

Referral Code
(if applicable):

Section One - Store Information

Store Name:
Store Address:
Store Phone:
Manager Name:

Attendant Name:

Other Store(s) Address:

Section Two - Your Information

Owner Name:
Partner Name: (if applicable)
Email Address:
Business Name: (who we would write a check to)
Mailing Address: (where we would send a check to)
Reachable Phone Number: (Office, Home or Cell)

Section Three - Store Specifications

Fast food within a 1-3 mile radius:
(Check all that apply)
 Burger King
 White Castle
 Taco Bell
 Dell Taco
 Jack In The Box
 Dairy Queen
 Foster's Freeze
 Pizza Hut
 Round Table Pizza

Attended hours:
 None      Part Time      Full Time

Store hours:

Section Four -Store Customers

Average number of customers who enter your store each weekday:
(Monday through Friday)
 Under 10
 10 to 25
 25 to 50
 50 to 100
 100 to 150
 150 to 200
 200 to 250
 Over 250

Average number of customers who enter your store each weekend day:
(Saturday and Sunday)
 Under 10
 10 to 25
 25 to 50
 50 to 100
 100 to 150
 150 to 200
 200 to 250
 Over 250
Other Store(s) Monthly Customers:
Ethnic make-up of customers (very important -- please do not skip) :
(please be specific, i.e. "90% Hispanic, 10% White")
Do you have a TV installed?
Tube or Flat Screen?
Is there internet access? (Even if the customers don't access it, i.e. staff only)
Available wall space:
(please be specific, i.e. "one wall: 20 feet x 5 feet", 2nd wall 30 feet by 7 feet")
Other store(s)'s wall space:

Section Five - Store Equipment

Total Number Of Top Loaders:
Total Number Of Traditional Front Load Washers:
Total Number Of Neptune Washers:
Total Number Of Dryers:
Other store(s)'s equipment count:

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