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Q: How many people can I reach?
A: A small corner laundry (20 washers, 20 dryers) gets approximately 2520 customers a month. If you splash 50 of these laundries, you'd reach 126,000 people who would be looking at your ads for about two continuous hours; 100 laundries, 252,000 -- over a quarter of a million people.

Q: What kind of demographics are we talking about?
A: That is dependent on the location. East L.A. laundries will be occupied with more Hispanics than, let's say, laundries in Utah.

L.A. laundries are a mix of single Caucasians (18-40's), Hispanic mothers (20's-40's) with young children (2-12) with them, Hispanic males (18-40's) and college students (18-22).

New York City laundries are representative of the residents of the city (Black, White, Hispanic, college students, all ages). We can target specific neighborhoods (West Village, Greenwich Village, West Hollywood, etc.)

We will work with your media team or can collect the demographics for certain neighborhoods for you.

Let's say you are promoting a "Wedding Crashers"-type film and want to draw college kids, we could splash the coin laundries near NYU, Columbia, UCLA, etc.

Q: What could be advertised in a laundry?
A: - TV shows
    - movies
    - groceries
    - medicine/toiletries
    - clothes
    - toys/video games
    - DVDs
    - fast-food restaurants
    - detergents
    - healthcare services

Q: What would be a comparable form of advertising?
A: Interior bus ads reach a similiar demographic -- although laundry ads would be at eye level and more dominating.

Q: What is this demographics' buying power?
A:In 2009, Hispanics will account for 9% of all U.S. buying power, having grown at a dynamic compound annual rate of 8.2%. (The comparable rate of growth for non-Hispanics is 4.9 percent.) In sheer dollar power, Hispanics’ economic clout has risen from $222 billion in 1990, to $504 billion in 2000, to $686 billion in 2004, and to $992 billion in 2009. The 2009 value will exceed the 1990 value by 347.1 percent—a percentage gain that is substantially greater than either the 148.5 percent increase in non-Hispanic buying power or the 158.8 percent increase in the buying power of all consumers. (http://latinobusinessreview.blogspot.com/)

Hispanics account for an estimated 20% of movie-ticket sales – some say it’s as high as 50% in Los Angeles.  

Q: How do you charge?
A: We charge for the media space and per cling or wrap per machine. So if you only want 25 clings on 25 dryers in a laundry that has 40 dryers, we can do that. To wrap the front of a top-loader washer would cost more than a 12" x 12" cling that would go on the lid of the same machine.

Q: Do you do the graphics?
A: We can, but prefer "camera" ready art -- digital files designed to specs provided.

Q: How long is the media buy?
A: Monthly. If you want one product up for 15 days and another for the remaining 15, you'd just have to pay for new clings and installation -- the media charge will not change.