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  • 70% of product of manufacturers, vendors and marketers feel the effectiveness of TV advertising is getting worse. 60% are “very actively” seeking alternatives to traditional media. (Reveries Magazine, July 2006)

  • The self-service laundry market consists of a customer base of 86 million people living in rental housing (2000 U.S. Census/Coin Laundry Association)

  • In 2007, the buying power of Hispanics is expected to reach $863 billion and expected to grow to $1 trillion by 2010 (HispanTelligence/U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)

  • California and Texas account for more than 34% of all Hispanic purchasing power and nearly half of the entire U.S. Hispanic population.

  • Hispanics account for an estimated 20% of movie-ticket sales – some say it’s as high as 50% in Los Angeles. (www.ahorre.com)

  • Business hours of a laundry are typically 6am-10pm, with each person spending 2-2.5 hours there (Coin Laundry Association)

  • College students have a buying power of $78 billion annually (Campus Monitor Research and Roper CollegeTrack Lifestyle & Media Study)

  • Undergraduate students have a buying power of $400 a month   (Campus Monitor Research and Roper CollegeTrack Lifestyle & Media Study)

  • In New York City, 27% of the population is Hispanic; 24.5% Black or African American; 35.0% White (U.S. Census 2000)

  • In New York City, the per capita income was $22,402; men and women had a median income of $37,435 and $32,949 respectively. (U.S. Census 2000)

  • According to research compiled by Not Traditional Media, a media network, network television viewing has declined 50% in the last decade; 58% of viewers zap commercials; TiVo-type technologies increase zapping to 71%; and a UCLA study suggests that only 5% of viewers pay attention to commercials. Meanwhile, the cost of reaching 1,000 households in prime time has jumped from $7.64 in 1994 to $19.85 in 2004.