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Laundromedia ® has pioneered a new form of out-of-home advertising -- utilizing the machines in laundromats (as well as the walls, floors, counters and folding tables). We target people while they do laundry, which usually takes 2 HOURS in environments that offer little distraction.

In an era where most consumers have tuned out marketing messages and easily 'TiVo' past them, Laundromedia offers a rare opportunity to advertise to a captive audience for hours at a time.

The creative possibilities are endless -- each machine could have a different message or ad; questions could be posed on washer clings that the dryer clings answer; a long banner ad could be stretched across multiple washers (like McDonald's did with us in May 2009); coupon magnets can be affixed to the washers and on and on.

Imagine your company's or client's message "splashed" across a whole laundry, literally creating a room where your ads exclusively dominate for hours, unlike billboards, TV or print.

As of June 2009, Laundromedia currently can reach 600,000+ laundromat customers across the U.S.A. (all the major DMAs -- L.A., Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, etc.) That figure does not include children of customers, which make up approximately another 65,000 viewers. Children are eye level with the washers, making them ideal candidates for QSR/movie tie-in ads and toy and game marketing.

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Laundromedia ® was founded by David Kessler, a veteran of the ad business. His clients have included NBC, BLT, Dawn Patrol, Crew Creative, Miramax and The Weinstein Co. He has worked on campaigns for HBO, ABC, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal and most recently, the 'The Simpsons Movie' campaign for Burger King (appearing June-July 2007).