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“CBS always likes to find new and unique places
to spread our messages and Laundromedia really
delivered our message in an impactful way.”

George F. Schweitzer,
President of the CBS Marketing Group

NEWS - SEPT 2007

CBS just used Laundromedia to promote their new sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" in West Los Angeles, Culver City, Santa Monica and Hermosa Beach laundromats. The ads went up Sept. 3rd. and will remain up until Oct. 3rd.

Laundromedia currently can reach 250,000+* laundromat customers in most major cities across the U.S.A. (LA, Detroit, Upstate NY, Boston, Chicago, Philly, etc.)

Each of these customers would be surrounded by your ads for approximately 2 HOURS (the time it takes to separate, wash, dry and fold a load of laundry).

*This number does not include the children of laundromat customers (1/4 - 3/4 of women patrons).